About the Loar Bendhor 20 Horizontal Bending Machine

Piston force 20 Tn. With a 200 mm stroke. Ideal for bending which does not require much force but with specially customized devices. A very agile and versatile machine making it ideal for artistic Forge work (links, rings, etc.). or hardware (flanges, omegas, clamps, etc..) among others.

Standard   machine tools: 2 Toolholders, 2 Toolholder spindles, 1 Die for 90 º V = 50, 1 Die for 60 º V = 70 and 1  Punch 60º.

Two options for the folding control: WHEELS or CNC.




Technical Specifications (*) Units Values
Bending Capacity KN 200
Table size mm 980x485
Working height mm 960
Travel mm 200
Work speed mm/sec 10
Positioning Speed mm/sec -
Motor Power KW 2.2
Maximum pressure Bar 250
Oil tank capacity Litre 40
Net Weight kg 480
Tool holder shaft diameter mm 55
Maximum flatbar bending capacity (420 N/mm²)  mm 120x15
Maximum pipe diameter   2"


(*) Specifications subject to change without notice.

Video shows 30 Tonne machine for demonstration purposes only





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