About the Geka Bendicrop 85SD

Metal fabricators and construction companies often have to
perform simple bending operations. GEKA has developed
the BENDICROP 85 SD model which, in addition to the
cutting, punching and notching stations, holds
a permanently fitted bending station with a capacity of up to
200x15 mm. Geka’s exclusive Bendicrop 85 SD is a dual cylinder
machine with 5 working stations:

Punching station. More powerful, 500 mm extended throat
Flat bars shearing
Bending station
Triangular notching station
Round and square bars shearing station
Furthermore, it is fitted with
a system to reduce deformation when shearing flat bars.

Shearing flat bars 450 x 15 mm
Punching Ø 40x15/24x24 mm
Shear of angle section L at 90º 120x120x12 mm
Bending 200x12 mm
Notching 130x130x12 mm


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