About the Geka Bendicrop 50

Shear for Flats 350 x 10 or 350 x 15mm
Angle 80 x 80 x 8mm
Punching Capacity 28 x 13mm
Bending Capacity 100 x 10mm
Full range of Geka punches and dies, tooling and accessories always available ex stock
Genuine European Manufacture


-Anti torque system for flat bar shearing without deformation.
-Rectangular notching with table. Also suitable for tube notching, rectangular notching, etc...
-Flat bar and plate shearing system with minimum deformation. L mitre shearing up to 45º.
-Angle shearing without loss of material. Wide range of openings for round and square bars.
-Goose neck die-holder for punching of UPN and IPN sections on legs and webs. Quick tool change.
-Permanent bending station complying with CE standards.

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