About the Extron M Series M1100


Table size
Table T-slot (W x N)
Max. Table load (Center)
X travel
Y travel
Z travel
Spindle nose to table
Spindle center to column
Spindle speed # 40
Spindle speed # 50
Spindle motor
Spindle taper
X & Y axis rapid feed
Z axis rapid feed
Cutting feed
Tool storage capacity
Max. Tool diameter
Max. Tool weight
Machine weight (Approx)

1260 x 600 mm
18 mm x 5
1000 kgs
1100 mm
610 mm
140 - 840 mm
656 mm
8000 rpm (Opt: 10,000rpm)
15 HP (7.5/11 kw)
CAT or BT # 40
20 M/min
16 M/min
10 M/min

Arm type 24 tools
Ø 80 / Ø 150 mm
7 kgs
6500 kgs


*  High quality and rigidity Meehanite casting with enforce rib construction design.
*  The bottom of column is A Shaped design to support machine stability.
*  All axis direct drive design to ensure the least backlash @ long lasting accuracy
*  High quality precision double nut C3 class and pretension ball-screw ensure high accuracy.
*  Box / Square slide way design on all axis to coated with Turcite-B. Heavy box way provide maximum rigidity stability. (M series)
*  Hardened and ground square way on all axis. (M series)
*  The spindle frame tough steel alloy and precision machining, Equipped with 3 sets of bearing to ensure spindle run-out less than 0.003mm
*  Belt drive Spindle fitted with oil chiller to ensure the life.
*  Counter-weight balancing design on Z axis


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