About the Ermaksan Speedbend SB 4100 - 260

Bending Length A mm 4100
Bending Power B Ton 260
Distance Between Columns mm 3600
Y Rapid Speed mm/s 140
Y Working Speed * mm/s 11
Y Return Speed mm/s 135
Crowning Standard Motorized
Travel in X Axis mm 800
Speed of X Axis mm/s 500
Travel of R Axis mm 250
Speed of R Axis mm/s 350
Backguage Finger Blocks Amount 2
Number of sheet support Amount 2
Oil Capcacity lt. 300
Motor Power kW 22
Stroke C mm 275
Daylight D mm 550
Throat Depth E mm 410
Table Height F mm 900
Table Width G mm 200
Length L mm 5150
Height H mm 3000
Width W mm 2350
Weight kg 16900

Speed of Travel X1, X2 Axis mm/s 500
Speed of Travel R1, R2 Axis mm/s 350
Speed of Travel Z1, Z2 Axis mm/s 1000

* Working speed should be max. 10mm / sec. at CE certified machines according to the EN12622 norm.

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