About the CIDAN Pivotal 360

With a traditional machine you have to use two parts and fold them separately. There will be extra welding and along with that, extra costs and problems. With PIVOTAL 360° it will be one piece, one seam and one welding (1+1+1) – simple! Not only that, the designer can freely choose where the seam will be! PIVOTAL 360° is made in a sturdy all-welded steel construction with cast iron side frames for stability.

Control system ProLink X, frequency control and 2.2 kW motor gives you a strong and easy-to-use machine, built for demanding conditions. PIVOTAL 360° is equipped with the popular AGS back gauge for the best accuracy. Ten gauging finger rails and flexibility to configure according to unique needs.

Control System ProLink X, with touch screen and graphic programming. Variable folding beam speed (frequency control 2.2 kW motor)
Adjustable crowning of folding beam rail

Motorized back gauge AGS
Height adjustable back gauge
Off line program for ProLink X
Extra foot pedal with key switch
Auxiliary outputs


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