About the CIDAN Forma Z

The FORMA Z provides the highest possible efficiency on the work shop floor thanks to:

  • No time-consuming flipping of sheet - saves time and money
  • Speed – faster tool changes using the Combi upper beam
  • The most advanced products can be produced in one set up


  • Control System ProLink W 21.5" widescreen with integrated buttons
  • CNC controlled sheet thickness and folding center
  • Laser safety scanner on folding side
  • Light guard on gauging and folding side
  • Automatic lock of high divided and folding beam tools
  • Multifold execution lower beam (w/out tooling)


  • Motorized back gauge with ball transfers as standard
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Integrated tool storage on left hand side (viewed from folding side)
  • Divided straight rail 30°, straight S1 shape on nose
  • 103 mm high divided tool for straight rail position on upper beam
  • 203 mm high divided tool for Combi position on upper beam
  • Lower beam tooling divided for Multifold, with or without cut-outs
  • Divided folding beam tool, 8 mm, 15 mm or 25 mm
  • Off-line software for ProLink W
  • Auxiliary outputs
  • Robot interface
  • Extra foot pedal with keyswitch
  • Moveable foot pedal on rail
  • Tool cart for divided tools
  • Vacuum grippers for semi-automation



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