The EdgeBreaker 4000 – ensures high process reliability for large burrs.

Whether oxyfuel or plasma-cut parts: the EdgeBreaker 4000 can even handle burrs more than three millimetres thick. Using an oscillating grinding drum, the deburring and edge rounding machine quickly and reliably removes burrs and slag from laser-cut, plasma-cut and oxyfuel-cut parts up to 80 mm thick - even with large volumes. For optimum edge processing: Sanding blocks round the edges on both sides.

  • Edge rounding and deburring on both sides for materials up to 80 mm thick
  • Lower costs due to reduced tool wear
  • Broad material spectrum: steel, titanium, stainless steel, copper

EdgeBreaker® 4000 and 4000 Plus: for single or double-sided deburring.

Your benefit: high process reliability and part quality far ahead of the competition. The EdgeBreaker deburring machine combines maximum precision and speed with easy operation and high efficiency.

  • EdgeBreaker 4000: for single-sided deburring and double-sided rounding.
  • EdgeBreaker 4000 Plus: for double-sided deburring and rounding.


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