About the Adira Press Brake PF 16030

Bending capacity kN 1600
Max. Working length mm 3000
Distance between housings mm 2550
Max. Stroke mm 400
Max. open height w/out tools mm 630
Throat depth mm 400
Motor power kW 2x7,5
Approach speed mm/s 200
Working speed mm/s 10 to 20*
Return speed mm/s 200
Bar back guage
Stroke of axis X mm 625
Speed of axis X mm/s 800
Stroke of axis X1 mm 0+/-100
Speed of axis X1 mm/s 100
Stroke of axis R mm 200
Speed of axis R mm/s 200
Stoke of axis Z1/Z2 mm 80 to 2170
Speed of axis Z1/Z2 mm/s 1000**
Tower back gauage
Stroke of axes X1/X2 mm 750
Speed of axes X1/X2 mm/s 400
Stroke of axes R1/R2 mm 200
Speed of axes R1/R2 mm/s 200
Stroke of axes Z1/Z2 mm Variable
Speed of axes Z1/Z2 mm/s 800
Standard dimensions (L x W x H) mm 4060x1990x3090
Transport height mm 2960
Approx. Weight Kg 10000


* Speeds for machines witout CE Safety

** Speeds for machines without axis X1

All data are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Shown specifications mayvary from country to country.

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